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Our Vehicles

We currently have five vehicles in which to complete our deliveries. All of our trucks are full FORS spec which means they have blind spot mirrors, full 360 recording camera systems, white noise reverse alarms and vulnerable road user warning signage. We operate two steel body trucks and three aluminum, find out more about them below.

Steel Bodies

Our two steel body trucks are both MAN TGS 35.400. They weigh 32 tonne when full loaded and can carry 18.5 tonne of material. We tend to use these on muck away jobs due to the harder wearing steel bodies but they do occasionally deliver aggregate when needed.

Aluminium Bodies

Our two aluminium bodies are slightly different, one is a TGS 32.400 and the other TGS 32.440. Both of these trucks weigh 32 tonne when fully loaded but can carry 19.8 tonne of material. This makes them perfect for aggregate deliveries. These are also fully insulated making it possible for them to carry ashphalt on the odd occasion.

We also have this 18 tonne aluminium bodied Volvo that can carry upto 10.7 tonne of material. It is perfect for smaller jobs where a full load is not needed or sites that have tight access where a 32 tonne truck can't get in. This is also insulated so can carry ashphalt, although we tend not to use it for this purpose. We use this truck for local deliveries for landscapers, gardeners, builders and private customers.

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