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Key Policies


The 1974 health & safety at work act imposes a statutory duty on all employers to ensure in so far as reasonably practicable the health & safety of their employees whilst at work. This duty also extends to others who may be affected by that work.

All employees also have a statutory duty to take care of themselves and others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

To so enable these duties to be carried out it is the intent of: RJK Logistics Ltd to conduct all its activities with due regard to the safety of all its own operatives and appointed Sub-Contractors and will accordingly set realistic objectives for the company's Health & Safety performance.

In pursuance of this, the Company will ensure that adequate and appropriate financial resources are allocated to achieve these Safety objectives

It is the responsibility of the Director to ensure the effective implementation and maintenance of this policy and its associated procedures.

Furthermore it is the company's declared intention to fully comply with all the requirements of the various Health & Safety regulations and other Codes of Practice as laid down in the various acts.

Whilst it is the duty of the Management to do everything possible to prevent personal injury, it is also equally the duty of all employees to exercise personal responsibility to do everything necessary to prevent injury to themselves and to co-operate with the management in complying with the legal requirements of all Health & Safety issues.

The company Health & Safety policy will be reviewed annually and amended and updated as and when necessary, communication of any such changes will be made to all employees.



RJK Logistics Ltd shall undertake to fully comply with the statutory waste disposal requirements and environmental issues, all in accordance with the following:

  1. Meet industry codes of practice wherever possible.

  2. Ensure that all our employees know and understand our policy and what is expected of them.

  3. Make efficient use of natural resources by minimizing waste and conserving energy and water.

  4. Seek to reduce the waste of building materials and recycle or reuse wherever possible.

  5. Seek to use the most environmentally efficient means and routing of transport.

  6. Monitor driving styles and behavior of our drivers to continuously improve our efficiency and impact on the environment.

  7. Minimize pollution and the effects it may have on the environment.

  8. Manage waste correctly by using registered waste disposal companies or licensed tips for the disposal of waste material and in particular hazardous waste.

  9. Keep vehicles clean to ensure minimum disturbance and disruption to clients and their neighbours.

  10. Ensure that all our suppliers, sub-contractors and employees are aware of our policy.

  11. Conserving and monitoring energy usage through sensible selection use and management of resources, equipment, plant and transport.

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